What is TNR?
How we can reduce homeless cats population??

TNR CatTNR(Trap-Neuter-Return) is the only method proven to be humane and effective to reduces feral and cat populations.

TNR is a comprehensive, ongoing program, in which stray and feral cats already living outdoors in cities are humanely trapped, then evaluated, vaccinated, and sterilized by veterinarians. They are returned to their original location to live out their lives under the watch of voluntary caregivers.

TNR GraphicThe traditional approach to reduce the feral cat numbers has been to round them up and to the shelters.

But bringing feral cats to shelters is the same as a death sentence. They are wild, not adoptable, and end up being killed.

Shelters have been trapping and killing cats for years but this method has not solved the problem. In fact, it has made it worse. Why? Because once you remove a feral cat, other cats move in and quickly forming a new colony. This called vacuum-effect.

If trap and kill worked, we would have seen a decline in the feral cat population. In fact, the number of feral cats continues to rise in locations not practicing TNR.

The breeding stops, no more kittens are born on your streets. Cat populations are gradually reduced. The annoying behaviors of breeding cats, like yowling, fighting, or spraying stops. The cats are vaccinated against disease, and they are fed on a regular schedule so they are not going to your trash bin to find foods. TNR is reflective of a caring society!!

This is how to make a difference in your community, Contact and join us!